Should spinal surgeons recommend bariatric surgery to obese patients prior to lumbar fusion surgery?

Problem to Solve

While regional anesthesia has benefits, it is not always safe for patients who have been taking blood thinners.  Often times, use of regional anesthesia requires a delay in surgical care to allow the effect of a blood thinner to wear off.  Because earlier surgery is oftentimes better for patients, it is unclear which approach is better for our patients; delayed regional anesthesia or earlier general anesthesia.  


Our Approach

We are performing a careful rigorous review of all our patients treated for a hip fracture over many years to determine which of these two approaches yields the safest method with the best outcomes.  Our hope is to further improve the management of these fragile patients by decreasing their risk, minimizing potential complications and realizing optimal results for patients both here at Montefiore and beyond.