Dr. Levy Discusses Training Students for Surgical Precision on NPR’s “Hidden Brain”

May 30, 2019 —

Martin Levy, MD, Director, Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program, addressed his unique methods for teaching medical students the complex skills needed for orthopedic surgery on the NPR podcast “Hidden Brain.” In the segment, “When Everything Clicks,” Dr. Levy discusses the training lab he designed through our Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he uses clicker training to help students achieve mastery of critical surgical skills in a low-pressure environment, without stress or “emotional baggage.”

“Dr. Martin Levy uses clicker training—a technique drawn from the world of animal training, modified for humans—to help new surgeons quickly learn their craft. It's one of the many tricks he uses to teach his inexperienced medical residents how to tie knots, drill holes and twist screws into broken bones and ligaments, among other techniques,” according to the NPR article “When Everything Clicks: The Power of Judgment-Free Learning.” 
To learn more, listen to the NPR interview.