Regina Hanstein, PhD and Eric Fornari, MD present their findings at PRiSM.

At the 2018 Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine (PRiSM) meeting, our team presented results from two ongoing research projects.

Regina Hanstein, PhD presented on the use of Ultrasound Elastography to measure the elasticity of patella tendons. Working in collaboration with the Division of Pediatric Radiology, we set out to define the difference in structural properties of tendons in both athletes and non-athletes. This information could then be used to determine those at risk of injury and, ultimately, employ rehabilitation techniques aimed at preventing tendon injuries before they occur.

Additionally, Eric Fornari, MD presented a poster on the risk factors of recurrent patella instability in children and adolescents. In our research, we defined specific variables that place patients at risk for suffering further patella dislocations following an initial instability event. This work was also selected for a podium presentation at the upcoming 2018 Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America meeting.