What if doctors could direct radiation treatment to target individual tumor cells?

Red Blood Cells

Problem To Solve

Benign bone tumors are very common.  However, it is not always clear whether a benign tumor will grow, evolve or otherwise change.  it is also unclear when a patient should be re-evaluated and how often repeat x-rays are needed.  The cumulative effect on patients, the impact on their families, and the cost to our health care system is significant and currently, management guidelines do not exist.  


Our Approach

We have started to investigate how often these tumor change over time and whether patients are at any meaningful risk if their follow up office visits are spread out over a longer period.  In this way, we hope to minimize the impact on our patients and their families, while ensuring proper care and support.  We hope to identify the optimal approach to these common tumors and to propose management guidelines for both our patients here at Montefiore and beyond.