What if we could prevent or delay the onset of hip arthritis in adolescents and young adults?

Problem To Solve

Osteoarthritis can be a devastating diagnosis for an adolescent or young adult. This condition can develop for a multitude of reasons, including congenital disorders, injury or trauma, and femoroacetabular impingement. Once arthritis sets in, the only treatment is ultimately a hip replacement.

Our Approach

Through our adolescent and young adult hip preservation program, we have ongoing prospective research studies centered around identifying hips at risk of osteoarthritis. From here, we can develop individualized treatment strategies for each patient and their family. This allows us to employ various cutting-edge techniques to both correct underlying structural abnormalities before arthritis sets in and to provide subsequent pain relief. Our goal is to return our patients to the activities they enjoy and, hopefully, stave off the need for a hip replacement in the future.